SEO is the key

 to internet success

Let us make sure

your customers find you.

What do we do when we need info?

We head over to Google and do a search.

Make sure that when prospects search for a solution

related to your business, your website is the one they find

and the one they click on.

Investment : SEO is a complex undertaking. Many, many factors affect your SEO. For this reason we highly recommend our comprehensive packages. These packages tackle all factors that impact on SEO.


Simple, and budget friendly




  • Website fixes
  • Link Building
  • Keyword optimisation
  • Blogging
  • Site Speed Optimisation
  • Local SEO
  • Monthly Reports

Dominate your niche


33000 /mo

  • Website fixes
  • Link Building
  • Keyword optimisation
  • Blogging
  • Site Speed Optimisation
  • Local SEO
  • Monthly Reports

We do offer itemised SEO services such has back linking, local SEO and keywords.


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Link Building


R 2200

Per 20 links

Key word focus


R 3000

For 10 keywords

Local SEO


R 3500

City Wide

Link Building : R 2200

Keywords : R 300

Local SEO : R 3500

Service Description

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website so it appears on page 1 in the search engines (primarily Google).  The goal is to connect keywords people use to search with keywords found on your website. 

Having your listing appear on page 1 of a Google search is extremely powerful.  The conversion process to a lead or sale from search engine traffic is often a lot higher than other forms of interruptive styles of advertising. Paid traffic from search engines is also getting more and more expensive. As such, despite the early investment required to position a website well, over time the ROI from SEO traffic can be much higher than that from paid traffic.

SEO can grow your business in different ways

  • Brand Awareness
  • Traffic to your site 
  • Respected reputation
  • Niche Authority
  • Increase online sales
  • Drive foot traffic to a physical store
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Increase Brand Engagement

Request a free SEO check up of your site

We will send you a comprehensive SEO report of your website.

This will include what keywords you are ranking for PLUS

what keywords you should be ranking for.

What our customers are saying:

I never took SEO seriously until I did. We used to go for days without a single visitor to our site. Now we have hundreds, sometimes thousands of new visitors every day.  

Michelle Simpkins  //  Simply Delicious

I was amazed at how the little things affected our SEO. Robin noted that our pages was slow to load. After increasing loading speed our SEO ranking jumped straight to the first page of Google.

MARC JACOBS  //  Business Analyst

Robin Tindall //  Passionate Marketer, business owner.

I have hired the best SEO Gurus I can find, but I still personally oversee every campaign for every client. I know how hard you work for your money, I work hard for mine as well. That means I want to be triple sure that my team delivers a return on your investment. 

I maybe a marketer, but I am business owner first, like you. You have so many balls to juggle and you need trusted friends to help you out. Let me be that friend. 

Robin Tindall


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get results with 1 month, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Robin Tindall

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