This is for you if: 

  1. 1
    You have already decided your marketing strategy.
  2. 2
    You have turned that strategy into a plan.
  3. 3
    Now you just need need help to EXECUTE!

No mess, no fuss, just ACTION!

Choose what you need and go, go, go!

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the biggest online community the world has ever seen. Unlock this power with ads that attract your perfect customer.

Facebook Retargeting

Become a celebrity in your niche. Use retargeting to be everywhere your customer is online. Be seen as the ultimate expert in what you do. 

Facebook Management

Posting to your Facebook Page is time consuming and a hassle, however, extremely important. Let us grow your audience for you.

Google SEO

If someone searches for your services online, do you appear on page 1 of the search results? Would you like to be no.1 on Google?

Google Local SEO

If you offer products and services locally then you need to optimise for "local" Google SEO. Be no.1 in your niche for your area.

Google Ads

Is the most powerful advertising platform to boost traffic, collect more leads and increase sales. An effective campaign can 10x your leads.

Website Design

Imagine having a website that looks great and supplies a steady stream of leads every day.

Copy Writing

Words build trust and create sales. Delivering just the right message at just the right time is paramount to online success.

Website Speed

If a website is slow to load, visitors move on. Increasing your loading speed will improve your website success.

Website Hosting

Website hosting is such a complex service. It does not need to be. Get simple, powerful, scalable hosting quickly and easily.

Wordpress Maintenance

Imagine waking up and finding your site is down. You have been hacked. Keep your site secure, backed up and up to date.

Landing Pages

Landing pages have 1 job, convert traffic to leads.  A clean, uncluttered and focused design makes sure that valuable traffic is not wasted.

Lead Magnets

Before a customer will buy from you, they first need to trust you. A great content piece can be used to show your expertise and convert visitors to leads. 


Show off your skills and allow search engines to find your website. Blogs form the back bone of the internet as well as your website. A blog is essential.


 Your situation is a little unique and needs a personal touch. Imagine what we could do for you if we focused our full attention on your business

Not sure where to start?

Lets get clear on the one thing you should be focused on for your business success right now

A savvy shopper does not buy anything without first liking and trusting who they will be doing business with. This 30min call gives me an opportunity to make a massive impact in your business. It also gives you the opportunity to see if I am the right person for you and your business. I guarantee I will give you something you can implement in your business right away. I will also only invite you into the Lead Genius world if I feel we are a good match and if I know I can make a tremendous difference to your bottom line. 

Lead Genius has enabled us to focus on what is working and amplify just that for amazing results. We no longer need to worry about where our next customer is coming from. We can rather focus on offering great service.

Anna Olson 

MD, Nutricore

I spent my life hounding my sales team to follow up on leads, leads that cost me dearly to acquire. They hated it and I hated it. Lead Genius now does it all for us.  My sales guys now just close deals. Our sales have gone through the roof and I no longer have to moan at my team and they are earning more commission than ever before. Amazing. 

Marc Jacobs

Sales Manager, Safety Systems