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Follow these 9 steps for marketing success – my secrets revealed

play Here at Lead Genius, we operate on a special methodology, using techniques to enhance your business structure and guarantee marketing success. In this video you’ll learn these 9 steps:

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Why giving yourself a “boss” is a great success hack.

play  After working hundreds of small businesses, I have identified possibly the most important step a business owner can take when it comes to achieving success. Give your self a boss. If you are not accountable to anyone then it just becomes too easy to not achieve tasks, and hit deadlines outside of client work. […]

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“Tactics without strategy is just the noise before defeat” – or how to win at marketing.

At Lead Genius, we believe in strategy before tactics. We apply a structured and systematic process to the challenge of marketing.  Let’s have a quick look at what you can learn from this video:What is strategy before tactics?Why is it so important for your businesses to understand the difference?How to implement this within your business structure  […]

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