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Follow these 9 steps for marketing success – my secrets revealed

play Here at Lead Genius, we operate on a special methodology, using techniques to enhance your business structure and guarantee marketing success. In this video you’ll learn these 9 steps:

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Why giving yourself a “boss” is a great success hack.

play  After working hundreds of small businesses, I have identified possibly the most important step a business owner can take when it comes to achieving success. Give your self a boss. If you are not accountable to anyone then it just becomes too easy to not achieve tasks, and hit deadlines outside of client work. […]

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Having a growing database is one of the best predictors of business success.

What are the perks of having an ‘audience database’? This allows you to have access to past, present and prospecting customers. This is pivotal to the success, balance and growth of your business. Quick Navigation 1.What is an ‘audience database?’2. The importance and effects of having an audience database 1.What is an ‘audience database?’An ‘audience […]

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Do you really want to own a business?

play One of the main issues that occurs repeatedly throughout the marketing fraternity, is people having no interest in taking initiative. Instead of persevering to start-up or own a business, they are more inclined to settle for a job where they only perform a skill they specialize in. The employer then takes care of everything […]

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Master these 7 steps to make a radical change in your business

Every business owner’s ongoing challenge is to keep customers moving through their business. There are many ways to keep a business’s life line alive; here are 7 steps that have been proven to help bring about radical change within your business. Quick Navigation 1. ‘Know’ & ‘Like’ Phase.2. ‘Trust’ Phase.3. ‘Try’ Phase.4.‘Buy’ Phase.5.‘Repeat’ Phase.6.‘Referral’ Phase.7. […]

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Why being self employed sucks and how to make not suck.

Do you know what your role is in your business? Many profess to own their own business however, they are actually self-employed. Logically, if you want to own the business, you can’t be working inside its structure. Quick Navigation 1. What society sees as success and their role in a business 10 years onward.2. To own […]

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“Tactics without strategy is just the noise before defeat” – or how to win at marketing.

At Lead Genius, we believe in strategy before tactics. We apply a structured and systematic process to the challenge of marketing.  Let’s have a quick look at what you can learn from this video:What is strategy before tactics?Why is it so important for your businesses to understand the difference?How to implement this within your business structure  […]

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How make Christmas time (or any holiday) your secret weapon to market domination.

play “It’s Christmas, put everything on hold.” Hold on, why? Do not let the merrymaking keep you from turning the festive season into a marketing frenzy where your business can profit. If you are pressing pause on your marketing efforts because they are not paying for themselves or they are taking too much effort, you […]

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If your website can do this one thing, you will double your sales.

What purpose does your website serve? Did you know that by changing a few aspects on your platform, you are guaranteed to double your sales! Simplicity is so sweet. Quick Navigation 1. What purpose does my website serve?2. Does it generate leads? 3. How to make your website more effective? 1. What purpose does my website serve?What purpose […]

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