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Do you really want to own a business?


One of the main issues that occurs repeatedly throughout the marketing fraternity, is people having no interest in taking initiative. Instead of persevering to start-up or own a business, they are more inclined to settle for a job where they only perform a skill they specialize in. The employer then takes care of everything else.

1. Why do so many people settle for less?

Let’s assume you want to design websites and only focus on that particular skill. If that is what you want to do, fine! But why?

We can witness this kind of thinking on a frequent basis in today’s business world. Many men and women prefer to be employed to work long hours and only perform one specific skill. The main reason why people do not stand up and take on leadership roles within a business is due to a lack of understanding for certain criteria or not wanting to do or learn other skills than what they’re good at. They shut off and lose interest. This kind of attitude is baffling and should not be the sort of mindset to have when aspiring to be successful.

2.The benefits of owning and managing a business.

If you are a business owner, you have decided to go into the space of trying to find clients, sell products or services, deliver these to your clients and then collect the money and pay the bills. All of these are aspects of running a business, you no longer have the luxury of only being a web designer employee or working your nine to five job. You are your own ‘boss.’

In this space you need to have the understanding of basic accounting (doing your accounts), the concept of cash flow and how to do marketing. Small start-up businesses do not have the same luxuries as a well established business does. They usually do not have sufficient finances to be able to employ the services of others to handle certain jobs. It is the owner’s responsibility to adapt and empower themselves to be able to fulfill what needs to be done to keep the business functioning.

Being an employee has its advantages, however the business owner reeps the benefits and rewards of you being able to perform your skill. They will be able to go on holiday and earn while you are working or sell their business at a later stage for a great profit. 

Ask yourself this question, ‘are you truly interested in running your own business?’ If so, you need to realize that you may have gone into this business as an expert in a particular field. The moment you take on the mantle of being a business owner, suddenly you realize you need to be a chameleon of other skills.

Remember: Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve. Adapt and grow to empower yourself.

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