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How make Christmas time (or any holiday) your secret weapon to market domination.


“It’s Christmas, put everything on hold.” Hold on, why? Do not let the merrymaking keep you from turning the festive season into a marketing frenzy where your business can profit. If you are pressing pause on your marketing efforts because they are not paying for themselves or they are taking too much effort, you are doing it wrong. I am offering a 20-minute completely free online chat to help with these struggles. 

1.The Christmas spell on businesses.

The Christmas time norm is “can we put this on pause” or “can we wait until the new year?” It drives Lead Genius consultant Robin Tindall absolutely mad! Realistically there are only two public holidays during Christmas, then we have New Year’s Day public holidays but it seems as if two months worth of business is lost. As a matter of fact, two months of business is lost due to society's mindset. 

What is happening during Christmas time? Remember, you are required to pay your rent, you still need to pay your salary to yourself and you have customers who still need to be serviced. Putting pause on your marketing endeavors for your business optimization efforts is crazy. You are certainly doing it wrong if you are pausing marketing efforts because they are not subsidizing.

2. Gain the upper hand on your opposition.

If you are doing it right and your marketing inputs are generating income, don’t stop it. Stopping your efforts only allows your competitors to gain market share while you spiral backwards. If you're the smarter one, knowing your competitors most likely wind things down in their business, now is the time to step up, accelerate! Take back the market share.

Think about what happens in the online space; staff members and business owners that have taken leave, after 1-week those guys are bored. They're on their phones, laptops and iPads surfing, already thinking about January. How is this year going to be different? They will be sourcing better supplies and reasoning about new solutions. Making yourself unavailable at that time excludes you from being chosen. It's more important to be available because this is when people plan for the next year.

 If you're looking to get involved and grow your market share and make more sales this is prime time. Massive persistence action and high-speed implementation. Push it out and make it happen. Don’t wait because waiting costs you.

You don’t want to make the same mistake. Marketing is a consistent process done everyday all the time. There is no on or off switch if you want to be successful. Be passionate about the results you are after!

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