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If your website can do this one thing, you will double your sales.

What purpose does your website serve? Did you know that by changing a few aspects on your platform, you are guaranteed to double your sales! Simplicity is so sweet.

1. What purpose does my website serve?

What purpose does your website serve for you? A website has a couple of purposes but it’s sole job is to generate leads. This is especially important to small businesses as it's all about lead generation. The real question is how many leads has your website generated today, this week, this month?  What is on your website that encourages people to get in touch with you? What are you offering them in return for starting a conversation with you?

2. Does it generate leads?

How many leads does your website produce? A website certainly does beget leads as long as the web page is engaging, informative and aims to help potential future customers. If it is not speaking to people throughout the sales cycle and only appeals to those who are purely interested in buying , you will miss 95% of the business opportunity.

 3. How to make your website more effective?

You should have a website that says, “Hey, I know you're not ready to buy right now but here's some information to help you get to a point of buying when you are ready.” They are  informed and you know what they will think of your brand and come back for more. So that's what your website should be doing. 

Confusing websites will suffer; people will not take any interest and simply move on. That decision gap is as little as 10 seconds before they swiftly move on to the next thing of interest. All of the “what it is”, “what's in it for me” and “where can I get it,” customers aren’t interested. Let them dig for that; hide this content on pages buried deeper within your website or on your Facebook page. Your front page must be about what you do, the instant benefits and how you can solve their problem. 

Something to think about, is your website generating leads, if not why not and what are you going to do about it?

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