October 29

How massive persistent action can create success.



Goals, aims & objectives are the sole drive entrepreneurs use to persevere and grow their businesses. An easy way of looking at this systematic process is to remember three words, ‘Massive Persistent Action!” The question is what does this catch phrase mean?

1. What is meant by Massive Persistent Action & how to implement it?

‘Massive Persistent Action’ means a number of things, one, once you've decided on a goal (marketing goal, starting a business, you want to withdraw and start working on your business.), there is a process where you make a decision, come up with a strategy and add tactics with your support. Now that you have a plan to execute, this is where massive persistent action comes in. 

Once you say go, go! Massive persistent action; ‘massive’ meaning, don't dabble, get it done. If you are going to do it, do it properly too. Great saying to remember, “If it’s worth doing, do it properly.” The real key word is persistence and in this modern era there are so many distractions. We live our lives in soundbites, jumping from one thing to the other simultaneously because something doesn’t operate at the rate you want it to so you get distracted and do something else. The word persistence is absolutely critical. It's very easy to be highly motivated by that shiny object in front of you. The attractiveness of that new plan you can implement however within 3 to 4 days sometimes there's a new shiny object and you’re steered off course. Persistent action means staying the course and doing it even if you fall off the wagon.  

Think of this as your eating plan. If you deviate from your plan’s structure (Cheat meals, junk food), don't give up. It’s not the end of the world; simply own up to your mistake and then straighten up. Chase that wagon, climb back on and keep going. Massive persistent action is deciding on something, think big, invest resources, your energy & enthusiasm and your leadership. If it falters, be persistent because that's what gets you to the goal. If you have to reassess, realign, refocus, it doesn't matter as long as you still persist.


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