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What is your Ultimate Strategic Position and why it’s uber important.

It’s time to talk about your USP, unique selling proposition or what we like to call at Lead Genius, your “ultimate strategic position!” We are referring to what you offer your clients that’s specifically unique to you? Why would someone want to buy from you and not someone else?

1. Questions to ask yourself.

What is special about you? If there's nothing special and the next person in your line of business does the same but has different prices (lower),you are all in the race-to-the-bottom. It is a discount race and eventually everybody loses and the industry is liquidated. 

A good test for you is if you can answer the question on what you need to do with the phrase, “well I should hope so,” conclude that it isn’t unique. Companies that boast that they provide the best customer service have it all wrong. Good customer service is mandatory; if you aren’t providing this, don’t be in business! Challenge yourself on what’s unique. If you're not sure, ask your customers. They will tell you, they have bought from you before. 

“We liked your good service, you answered my email quickly or your prices were suitable,” are some of the many possible aspects they can comment about you. Maybe they’ll provide you with something special about you that you didn’t realise. They are your best source of information, particularly your favourite customers. Look for something remarkable.

Remember, Be unique!

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