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How to attract that ideal customer to your business

The perfect customer. What is it that classifies a person as ‘perfect,’ more specifically what makes a person significant to you and your business? How do you attract these ideal people to your doors?

1.What is meant by the ‘perfect customer?’

A ‘perfect customer’ is someone who you want to be in business with. They are the people who believe, trust and enjoy your product or service you provide. 

When you research different sales techniques you probably will come across information that describes slick salesman techniques. This refers to many different skills that can have an influence and help you bring about growth by concentrating on people who align themselves with your business.

2.The right and wrong customers?

Someone who isn’t the right customer for you is someone who shows little to no interest in your business or is a person who hasn’t been properly nurtured and guided through your business stages of trust and product trial. Normally within 2-3 days that results in purchase resentment.  They feel cheated however this is not always the case but is more often than not. 

If you find you are trying to convince someone, it means you haven't taken them through the ‘Know Like, Tried, Trust & Buy’ phases. You’re selling to the wrong person in this case you are only after their money. Stop right there.

The perfect/ideal customer that you want to do business with will be passionate about your product. They feel it has been made specifically for them and it becomes a great match. Massive sales marketing will not be necessary. All you need to do is be honest and make sure that you are talking to the correct person.

Never use the words ‘anyone’ or ‘anybody,’ because you're immediately not talking to the right person. You need to be specific and appeal to those who fit within your niche. It's easy to write an advert for that person and place that advert where they are most likely going to see it. It will be easy for them to appeal to you because your products are made for them.

3.The importance of perfect customers & customer avatar?

Analyse your business and find out who are your favourite customers. Identify who your favourite customers are, figure out what makes you enjoy them.Consider the similarities you have with them, what makes them great to work with?

Using this information design the representation of your perfect customer called the ‘customer Avatar.’ Figure out where people hang out, how can you attract more of them?

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