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Introducing The Lead Genius

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The Growth Action Plan

The Growth Action Plan is a simple 9 step methodology and training

that will take you from being overwhelmed, confused with zero leads

to a focused, efficient marketer with a steady flow of leads.


Are you completely confused by all the conflicting advice out there?

Are you tired of paying for expensive course after expensive course but getting nowhere?

Are you tired of the promises made by fancy software programs?





It is time to focus and get results.

The Growth Action Plan
  • Learn the exact steps we took to create, grow and then sell multiple business. 
  • We have combined the best practices from the best marketers and business coaches with hard won street cred and real life application to create a marketing and business growth system that works. 
  • Our GROWTH ACTION PLAN is a complete A - Z integrated plan that will give you the perspective, practical know how and fundamental "click here, do this" skills to radically AMPLIFY your online or offline business.
  • We have learned that radical growth comes from the consistent and efficient application of basic business and marketing principles. There is NO magic formula. 
  • The magic comes from having an understanding, from having a plan and knowing how to execute. We will show you how easy it is when you know exactly what you should be doing when you should be doing it and how to do it.

What is the Growth Action Plan?

The Growth Action Plan is a methodology and training that contains everything you need to radically grow your business. A complete system made up of simple but highly effective training videos and cheat sheets to get your business amplified as quickly as possible. We cover everything from getting absolute clarity on what your business is truly about, right through to learning how to massively scale lead generation and prospect conversion techniques, all with out tech overwhelm.

A sneak peak at what is inside....

Each section is an depth training video and cheat sheet, showing EXACTLY what to do to extract the results you want to see in your business.

Get super CLEAR

Knowing exactly what you want from your business makes getting it much much easier.

ATTRACT ONLY your ideal customers

We all have customers who are a pleasure to work with. Learn how to attract only the most ideal people to your business.

Craft your magic message

Have a magic message that quickly shows your ideal prospect how you can make their dreams come true.

Find your road map to success

Discover the plan, the steps, the milestones to creating your success.

Be everywhere at once, effortlessly

Be everywhere your ideal prospect is. Like magic, everywhere they look, they will find making you the obvious choice.

Put your website to work

Turn your website into a lead generating machine.

How to make cash from social media

Social media is really powerful. Learn how to harness that power and turn likes into cash. 

Land business with landing pages

Landing pages deliver the right message to the right people at the right time, the essence of marketing.

How to attract with a lead magnet

Create content that shows solves a prospects problem, showing them you are the expert they need. 

You are the best, here is why

Learn how to show customers they would be made to business with anyone else regardless of the price.

 How to convert sales over time

If customer is not ready yet, learn how to nurture them slowly so that when they are ready to buy, the sale is yours. 

How to convert interest to sales

Sometimes a prospect just needs a slight nudge to make a buying decision. Learn how to nudge, nicely. 

Make friends with thousands of prospects

People buy from people they know, like and trust. Don't always be selling, learn how to make friends first. 

It's a numbers game, attract more traffic

Learn how to blend technology and psychology to attract thousands of potential customers to your site.

How to get found by your ideal prospects

Search Engine Optimisation, a buzz word and an ever changing concept. We will show what you need to know. 

How to turn customers into sales people

Happy customers love to share their good fortune. Get referrals right and you will never need to advertise again. 

Why your whole team should be marketing

From your delivery driver to the IT guy, everyone needs a marketing mindset. 

Share the load and reap the rewards 

It easy if you know how to delegate and share the load. Many hands make light work. 

It all just makes sense

No more getting confused about why you need a certain element or what comes next. Our trainings make sure you you understand the why and where. If you do get lost our support team is there to help.

First you must PLAN...

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    Make sure you truly understand your business and make it work for you.
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    Figure out who your ideal customer is and what makes them tick.​​​​
  • check
    Package you products services to perfectly suit your perfect prospect.

Then you take ACTION.....

Take action...
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    Learn how to attract your ideal customers.
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    Discover the best methods to build trust and credibility with your prospects.
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    Implement strategies to turn leads into customers who keep coming back.

Ultimately target GROWTH!

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    Take what works from the action phase and amplify for massive growth.
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    Turn on the traffic tap knowing how to turn traffic into leads into sales.
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    Maximise your business by turning your customers into champion sales people

If you want to GROW, take ACTION. That means stop searching for the next bright shiny object to solve your business challenges. Stop, PLAN, then take ACTION and GROW by joining us.

Is this the right prgm for you?

  • Are you the owner of a small business or start up? 
  • Does all the marketing responsibility rest on your shoulders? (and are you the one who fixes the printer, buys the coffee and pays the bills?)
  • Are there just not enough hours in your day to get everything done and not enough cash in the bank to hire expert help?
  • Are you struggling to create a steady flow of enquires from ideal clients?
  • Do you feel like you are on a treadmill spinning your wheels and going nowhere month after month?

If you answered yes to more than one of these then this prgm has been designed precisely for you.


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